Refugee Week

Refugee Week is here, with ‘Healing’ as its theme, suggesting recovery from the traumatic experiences that lead refugees and asylum seekers to seek sanctuary here. Recovery takes time and a chance to rebuild lives in a safe and welcoming environment. We at Refugees Welcome Crawley seek to be a part of this ‘healing’. Like Comment …

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Ukraine crisis

Ukraine Crisis Refugees Welcome Crawley stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people through the terrible suffering currently being inflicted on them and will do its part in welcoming Ukrainian refugees who arrive in the local area. Якщо ви є українським біженцем у районі Кроулі і потребуєте допомоги, ви можете зв’язатися з нами зі сторінки «Зв’язатися …

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Ways to help

Now you can help by directly donating items to refugees and asylum seekers in need through our ‘Give Today’ wish list. Click on the link to purchase the items currently needed by the refugees and asylum seekers our charity supports. Your gift will go to immediately improve the lives of people who have escaped from …

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Afghan Crisis

News footage and information coming out about what is happening in Afghanistan has been truly shocking and it is hard to imagine the trauma experienced by Afghan people, especially those whose lives are threatened. Those who have managed to escape have come with nothing and are in need of basic essentials. RWC is working in …

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Join us!

If you would like to support the work of Refugees Welcome Crawley, we would love to hear from you! We offer a range of supported volunteering roles including family befriending, driving and English language teaching. Use the Contact Us form to get in touch

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